Make a lovely pompom penguin for your Christmas tree!

October has been so busy I haven’t had time to put together my own pattern this month. Instead I’ve found a wonderful tutorial showing you how to make pompom animals. I’ve used it to make a lovely, fluffy penguin to hang on the Christmas tree. Here’s the full tutorial on the Mr Printables blog…

…and here are some photos of my penguin:


First of all I used some yellow wool for the beak, which I covered with white for the face. I then added some dark grey for the eyes and some more white to finish the face.



To finish the head I completed the front half of the pompom with purple wool and made the back half solid purple. Next I clipped the two halves together and cut the wool. Lastly I tied the wool tightly around the middle and removed the cardboard. My penguin was definitely in need of some trimming!



Penguin head trimmed, I made the body using white wool for the front and purple wool for the back. Once the body was trimmed I tied it to the head to complete the penguin shape. Next I made feet from some yellow felt, I stuck these on with strong glue.

To finish him off I crocheted a little scarf to keep him warm on the tree!


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