The summer’s coming to an end and it’s back to school again. This month we’ve made some wise owls to help kick start those brain cells!

If you know any little ones heading to school for the first time, why not make them a wise little owl to keep them company on their new adventure?


Download your PDF owl pattern here!


Once you’ve made your owl we’d love you to share a picture on our facebook page:

Let us know what you thought of the pattern… Was it easy to make? Are the instructions clear enough? Were the materials needed easy to get hold of? With your feedback the patterns will keep getting better and better!

3 thoughts on FREE Wise Owl Pattern

  1. Those are THE cutest owl finger puppets I’ve ever seen – I love their chubby little bodies and the way the embroidery really gives them character. I can’t embroider, but I think I could do those stitches (I might do the nose in felt though, lol) – it doesn’t look TOO intimidating 🙂

  2. Haha, the smiley is normal size now!

    Glad you like the owls 🙂 The tummies are just running stitches that are different lengths, super easy to do.

    It would be fun to play around with where you put the middle of the eyes to make them look off in different directions.

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