Good Critters is a small start up making quirky products inspired by the weird and wonderful world of critters.

Our first book, The Little White Yak, has just launched last November and our second one, Interested Eric, will be available very soon. We also have plenty of fun, quirky products in our shop.

Behind the scenes

Emma is the face behind Good Critters. Having worked as a web designer and developer for 13 years, she’s recently returned to her crafty roots and has been getting her hands dirty again.

Good Critters is the combination of all her skills, both digital and hand made. The Little White Yak was the first of many critter products currently fighting their way out of her brain.

Her blog is a collection of things she finds inspiring, interesting or just down right fabulous. If you’d like to share something or even become a blog author please don’t hesitate to get in touch.